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Hundreds of thousands of people participate in non league football. Only the elite few can play league football.



Non League Football Live Links

Web Address Description
www.nonleaguefootball.co.uk Non League Football in the UK
www.sunday-football.co.uk Sunday Football in the UK
www.youth-football.co.uk Youth Football in the UK
www.womens-football.co.uk Womens Football in the UK
www.freefootballkit.co.uk FREE Football Kit for your Team
www.nonleaguefootball.tv share and watch non league football
Maidstone United Radio for Maidstone United
Radio for Non League
www.footballshops.co.uk Football Shops in the UK
www.footballtournaments.org.uk Football tactics dvds and books
www.footballwebring.co.uk Football Links
www.nonleaguefootball.net Football Forum
www.afctotton.com AFC Totton Official Website

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1. Directory of Football Shops, Shirts, Equipment & Gifts
2. Forum for Non League Football Football Teams and Leagues
3. Non League Football TVTV for Womens Football Teams
4. Directory of Non League Football Teams and Leagues

5. Directory of Football Tournaments and Tours
6. Books, Dvds & Web Sites about Football Tactics
7. Directory of Youth Football Teams and Leagues
8. Directory of Sunday Football Teams and Leagues
9. Directory of where to get football on Digital Media
10. FREE Football Kit for your Team
11. Directory of Womens Football Teams and Leagues

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